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About us

    Integrated Salary Management System (iOSMS) V2 is an efficacious initiative of The School Education Department of Govt. of West Bengal to process employee related HR activities for both Secondary & Primary under single virtual architecture designed & developed by NIC, West Bengal.

    Prior to introduction of iOSMS as anfurtherance of OSMS, let us have a look at the previous manual system for payment of salary to the employee of the Govt-Aided / Sponsored schools in WB.

    The Head of Institutions (billing authority) would have to submit monthly salary bill (called Requisition, Employee-wise) to the office of concerned DI / ADI (Disbursing Authority). The DI / ADI office would check the bill and prepare a consolidated bill (school-wise / Fund-wise) and submit to concerned treasury. After clearance by the treasury, a consolidated cheque was sent by treasury to the lead bank (school-wise) for bank transfer to the concerned school’s bank account (called salary account). The school authority after getting transfer from lead bank gives cash / transfer credit to it’s employees. The total process was time consuming and as it was manual so may involve scope of errors.

    After issuance of order vide Memo No 705(42)/DSE dated 30-05-2011, it becomes inevitable to develop a computerized system, so that monthly salary may be transferred through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) to individual employee from DI / ADI concerned on 1st day of every month without delay efficiently. The first proposal came to develop a modern online system from DI, North 24 Parganas in July 2011. After lot of discussions, the then Commissioner of School Education engaged NIC to develop such system as a pilot project for around 250 schools under Barasat Sub-Division of North 24 Parganas.

    The journey of OSMS started in January 2012, with 250 schools under Barasat Sub-Division. In this system, developed by NIC a Head of Institution require to login using his secured login ID & password at (portal of School Education Department) and where he/she has to submit his / her employee profile & monthly salary requisition. The DI / ADI concerned has similar secured login ID & password to access and analyze the online submitted salary data for payment to individual employee of school. A tremendous acceptance by the Head of Institutions regarding the system was reported beside some request of additional features like individual PF, Annual Salary Statement, Pay Slip, e-Service book, leave, I.Tax etc.

    In 2014, same online salary submission process was introduced in Primary and it enabled near about 727 circles to submit monthly salary requisition through an error free system calculated web application named iOSMS (, our first step towards the integration of OSMS Secondary & Primary under one platform.

    Now in 2017 we have successfully integrated OSMS Secondary and iOSMS Primary into a comprehensive and fully Integrated Salary Management System (iOSMS) V2 where the introduction of Increment Module, Different types Salary calculation (Part Salary), Employee Transfer and upcoming OTP based log in, User Management through Child log in, Android app, Leave Module and E-Service book will definitely prove its feasibility.